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Chapter 6: No Victory Part 3
Somewhere in the Deep Dark Space
Dr. Clay stares into deep space filled with hate towards Washu "Curse you....curse you Washu." Clay mumbled to himself "First you drove me out of the academy, then I was so close in owning a galaxy; but you had to be a pain and made me look like an idiot once again." Dr. Clay turn his eye to a once broken vase that has been glued back together "I'll make sure you will suffer, Washu once I crack the code on Matrix, Shujikoe is determined to kill Matrix and her friends...good, but I don't have full faith in him, so it never hurt to have a backup." Dr Clay said when turning to a test tube with a small dot in it.

Back at the Masaki House Hold
Matrix couldn't believe her eyes there was the little girl that haunted her slumber "Hey Sasami look Matrix is awake." Tenchi said in joy " your name." Matrix said walking up to Sasami "That is correct Matrix...Washu inform me you had some memory loss, so I understand if you don't remember me right now." Sasami respond looking a little disappointed.
"It's not that are the little girl with another that look to be an older version of you that haunted me while I was sleeping, Sasami whatever reason I upset you I am very sorry." Matrix said looking upset at Sasami. A shock look came onto Sasami's face for about two minutes then a mix emotion of upset with happiness is shown "I-t's not your fault Matrix...I'll explain everything later, my sister Ayeka is helping me with dinner and I am in the middle of cooking. Okay Matrix?" Sasami said with tears running down her eyes "Alright Sasami." Matrix respond whipping a few of her tears away.

Tenchi couldn't help but to smile at the reunion of Sasami and Matrix "Don't it make you happy, Ryoko?" Ryoko nod in agreement "Come on everyone it's getting late let's we should get these carrots ready for dinner." Both Ryo-ohki and Mi-ohki mewed in agreement with Tenchi and started to run to the house.

At Maverick Hunters Headquarters
Being unable to get any further answers from Dynamo the Maverick Hunters had to released him for corporation and answering most of the questions, Zero personality made sure Dynamo was set on his way. With the opening of the sliding doors Dynamo got flung out of Maverick Hunter Headquarters "And I better not see you mug around these parts again, Dynamo!" Zero shouted as Dynamo scatter away making people stare at him and Zero.

Zero return to the main room while swapping his hands against one another in pride to X, Axl, Alia and Signas "Got rid of trash to bad I couldn't get anymore answers out of him." "Quiet a shame indeed, Zero." Signas respond "What about Matrix, Dynamo was our only lead in hope of finding her and Mi-ohki. We just can't give up and turn our back on them!" Axl said in a panic "The only thing we can do is put Matrix and Mi-ohki on the missing person report forum, Axl and pray both will be fond." Alia answered "Yeah we need to have faith and hope for Matrix and Mi-ohki to be fond." X said trying to believe in his own words.

Back at the Masaki House
Relaxing in the living was Matrix, Tenchi, Ryoko and the Cabbits. Opening the door to the kitchen is Ayeka being thanked by Sasami when leaving to the living room and notice Matrix sitting on one of the couches "Oh Matrix you seem to recover. How are you feeling? Has Washu recovered your lost memory yet?" Ayeka asked "Not yet, miss Ayeka." Matrix respond with a faint smile "Well I am just glad you return poor Sasami she was devastated when-" before Ayeka finish she spot Ryoko cuddling on Tenchi causing a bit of jealousy, Ryoko couldn't help but Ayeka on evil smile making the princess growl "Hey now let's not start anything, Sasami will have dinner done soon." Tenchi said nervously with a smile, Matrix felt sorry for Tenchi and smiled a little.

"Matrix I need you in the lad." Matrix to to see Washu at the side of the couch and sits up "Alright Washu..." Matrix respond when following her to the lab, Mi-ohki notice Matrix returning Washu's lab and decided to tag a long "What do you want to show me Washu." Matrix ask "I finally fix and upgraded your armor. I also have a weapon for you to test out and I think you will love it." Washu respond with glee when handing Matrix what looks like a wrist band watch "That sounds interesting Washu." said Matrix as she take the wrist watch from Washu and puts it on her right arm "Just press the button on the watch and you will transformed into your armor." Washu said.

With the press of the button, Matrix's body gets covered in a beams of light then forms into her armor with a new weapon on her right hand "That is the O-Zone Buster it can pack some major power blast, Matrix I want you to test it out for me and to be careful." "Wait you don't know what damage this buster can do?" Matrix said out of worry "Plus I don't see any changes to my armor...what are the upgrades Washu?" After Matrix question Washu a couple of puppets that look like Washu popped up on each side of Matrix shoulders "Hello Matrix we are here help you when you are down!" Said Puppet A "That's right we are here to cheer you on when you feel there is no hope left!" Said Puppet B "So go Matrix! You can do it!" Cheered both Washu puppets before disappearing back into Matrix armor after she press the button back to human form. Blushing red with her tilted down, Matrix is looking at Washu in embarrassment "Is this upgrade really needed, Washu?" She ask while Washu smiled.

Outside of Washu's lab a space ship could be heard and getting close to the Masaki home, but a sudden splash was heard instead a smooth landing "Sounds like Mihoshi and Kiyone at back from their mission." Washu said "I think we better check if they are alright Washu!" Matrix said when quickly walking up the door to leave the lab.

As Matrix opens the door and stepping in to the living room, a couple of women are at the back screen door with uniforms dripping in water "Wahhh! I am wet Kiyone!" Mihoshi cryed "Maybe if you waited clearance from Washu to land our ship we wouldn't be wet." Kiyone growled while glaring at Mihoshi "Are you two alright?" Matrix asked. Mihoshi gave Matrix a blank look while before realizing and gives a shock expression "Matrix! You're back! Where have you been!? Everyone has been wor-Wah!" before Mihoshi could finish the last word she trips when trying to enter the house. Kiyone could help but give out a heavy sigh at Mihoshi "Glad you're home again Matrix." Kiyone said "Need you ship to be fix up again Kiyone? Come this way." Washu said "Thank you Washu." Kiyone said following Washu.

As a hour goes by everyone is at the table eating dinner, Matrix while eating her meal couldn't help, but worry for her friends and hope that Shujikoe haven't attacked them "Is everything okay Matrix?" Tenchi ask "Yes! Just forgot how great Sasami cooking is." Matrix answered startled "Oh my your memory most be scrambled." Mihoshi said "Dr Clay most have really messed with your mind...better hope Washu fix that Matrix." Ryoko said just to tease her "Now stop that Ryoko, Matrix memory is a very easy problem to fix." Washu respond to comfort Matrix "Let me finish up fixing Mihoshi and Kiyone space ship then I'll help you in recovering your lost memory. Alright Matrix?" "Alright Washu." Matrix said in a depress tone of voice.

After dinner, Matrix help clean and put away dishes with Mihoshi and Sasami till an argument between Ayeka and Ryoko over Tenchi once again. Matrix looked through the door crack to see Tenchi being tugged on by each arm while Ayeka and Ryoko glare at one another "Poor Tenchi." Matrix said "Oh don't worry Matrix, Tenchi's been through worse between those two." Mihoshi said with a smile. "Hey Mihoshi shouldn't you check on the repair of your ship?" Sasami ask "Oh yeah! I'll be right back!" respond Mihoshi. As Mihoshi left the kitchen, Sasami walked up to Matrix "Alright since Mihoshi is gone follow me and I can explain your questions" Matrix start to follow Sasami outside with Ryo-ohki and Mi-ohki tagging along till they stop at a tall tree by some water "Okay Sasami I ready to listen" Matrix said "Hello has been a long while."

Matrix started to look around for the mysterious person till a dim light appeared in the water with an image to what look like an older version of Sasami, Matrix eyes open wide in pure shock in disbelief "You're her...the one who keep appearing in my dream!" Matrix said "Yes...I am Tsunami, a part of Sasami. The reason why I appeared in your dream is I was trying to help located and bring you home, but the trouble is Dr. Clay made it unable to do so. It was finally when Shujikoe and you battled I was able to pick up your location." Tsunami said "But it doesn't explain why I seen Sasami cry in I was dreaming." Matrix said "I think the reason why it was the last thing you seen of Sasami before you where stolen away from us." Tsunami answered " who?" Matrix ask  

"By Dr. Clay an old bitter jealous rival of mine." Washu said behind the girls causing to turn her "Dr. Clay would do anything to show he is a better scientists even if it mean trying to copy me and think he can make it better. It was one of the reason why Clay kidnapped you, so he could copy you like he did with Ryoko to kidnap me. To ensure Clay couldn't copy your data I put a special a program to prevent him in making a manuscript of you data Matrix ." "He is truly a mad man Washu." Sasami said "I also want to tell you the machine is ready to go and you better say goodbye to Kiyone and Mihoshi before they leave."Alright Washu." Matrix said while walking behind Washu and Sasami "Goodbye, Matrix and good luck." Tsunami said before vanishing.

Back at the Masaki Home
Kiyone and Miohshi are standing by their ship "It was nice seeing everyone and thanks for dinner again." Kiyone said "It was nice seeing again you Matrix take care." Miohshi said "You too and make sure your ship lands safely when returning home." Matrix said causing both Kiyone and Mihoshi to smile nervously. As the space ship blast into space, Washu got Matrix attention to follow her to the lab, Mi-ohki decide to tag a long.

When entering Washu's lab, Matrix notice a chair with different gadgets around it making her nervous "It is alright, Matrix this will be harmless. Have a seat and let's get ready." Washu said standing by the chair, Matrix sighs and sits to let Washu hook her up with Mi-ohki sitting by "Now Matrix you will feel yourself go light headed till your memory fully recovered. Just tell me when you're ready." Washu said while typing on keyboard "I'm ready Washu..." Matrix said cringing a bit. With a small smile, Washu press a button a beam a light a flash of memories of her past appeared in Matrix eyes.

Many of her past life return as one got Matrix attention and made her eyes open wide to see Sasami and her with the two Cabbits play outside at night, Sasami suddenly stops because she though she heard a chuckle, Matrix asks Sasami where she heard it. Sasami points it was near the forest and Matrix walks to the location, but when Matrix gets close she turns to Sasami saying that nothing is there. As Matrix is distracted a mysterious shadow slowly crawl up to her, Sasami notice the shadow and panics shouting to Matrix to watch out.
When Matrix turns around an image of a pale face reploid appear with a dark smile appeared and stabbed her in the right side of the chest, Matrix gives a shock look hearing Sasami scream out her name in a upset tone of voice. Before blacking out, Matrix sees Mi-ohki latching onto an arm to bite then gets pulled to the darkness hearing Sasami crying out her name while Ryo-ohki crying with her. While in the darkness Matrix could her an elder man complaining about being unable to get some of data to show for awhile then hears the name Dr. Cain and plans to pay him a visit.

From a few blinks of Matrix eyes that looked down and upset "So that is what happen...Washu please understand I need to return to Maverick Hunter Headquarters...I'll stay for another day, so I can say my goodbyes to everyone." Matrix said. Washu look to Matrix with a soft mother like smile while the gadgets unhooked from Matrix "Good girl take it easy now and spin time with everyone before you leave." Washu said "Alright Washu I'll inform everyone that I will be leaving soon." Matrix said leaving a lab with Mi-ohki leaping onto her shoulder.

After Matrix and Mi-ohki leaving the lab, Washu turn to one of her screen with an image of Shujikoe giving his evil smug while another is analysing his DNA fond on Matrix's armor "I'll find out how you made this monasteries reploid and find it's weakness to rid of it Clay." Washu said with a glare.
End of Chapter
Mega Man X/Tenchi Muyo! Chapter 6 Part 3
Mega Man X is a copyright of Capcom
Tenchi Muyo! is a copyright of Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi
SketchBookX Genpei Toumaden Yoritomo by SilentJ1
SketchBookX Genpei Toumaden Yoritomo
Also in NamcoXCapcom he is the main boss in Genpei Toumaden and on Kagekiyo top hit list to kill

Yoritomo from Genpei Toumaden/NamcoXCapcom is a copyright of Namco


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