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I finaly got off my bum and made a new icon for my DA...been way WAY over due!
I also made an Tumblr account! If you like to see sneak previews of my projects or like to see my rough sketches please check it out and follow me!
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Chapter 11: Wrath of Shujikoe
At Maverick Hunter Headquarters
Repairs have started in headquarters, Matrix with Mi-ohki walked up to Signas. “Sir…when I will become a full maverick hunter?” “Matrix I know you have been study and training very hard to become a hunter, but you have to go through a couple more tests before you can be a true hunter.” Signas respond. Matrix felt disappointed, but gives Signas a smile with a nod and leaves the main room. Walking through the hallway they are holes in the walls that was made by Ryoko and Ayeka battle with some already covered up. “Man what a bummer I thought I would have been a full hunter by now.” Matrix said with her hands behind her head, Mi-ohki gives out a few mews while running around Matrix feet. “Boy Mi-ohki you’re full of it today.” Matrix said with a smile looking down at the little cabbit.
Walking near Matrix is Axl and Zero just before Matrix is about to say hello under her feet, Mi-ohki run by making Matrix trip. Zero sees Matrix about to fall, before Zero could move, Axl dash to catch Matrix before she falls. But as Axl catches Matrix, Mi-ohki bumps into Axl on the side of his feet making him to tumble. With a couple a thuds two reploids are on the floor vertical side of one another with Mi-ohki is sitting up, Zero looks down at Axl angered. “Axl you cults you should have catch Matrix!” Zero said. “But is wasn’t my fault, Mi-ohki tripped me.” Axl pouted sitting up. Mi-ohki looked angered at Axl and pounced to knock him back down, Zero walks up to Matrix and holds his hand out to help her up. Matrix looks up to him blushing a bit and took Zero’s hand to help got to left up, Matrix gives Zero a kind smile. “Hey a little help here?” Axl asked with Mi-ohki cotton tail in his face. “Mi-ohki you silly girl.” Matrix said with a giggle, Mi-ohki gives out friendly mew. In the shaded corners of the hallway, Shujikoe eyes show from the darkness to carefully watch Matrix and her friends for about a few moments then shuts his eyes into the darkness.

In the medical room, Nitro sits up to when the doctor returns to his room. “Hey I felt some rumbling around…I almost fell off my bed.” Nitro asked. “From what I hear it was cause by a couple of women…one of them being Matrix sister.” Doctor respond “Wait...Matrix’s sister?” Nitro said in confusion. “But anyway you have recover enough where you will be question soon.” Said the doctor before leaving, Nitro eyes look down knowing his criminal records.

Walking into the room is Bones with a stern look, Nitro turn his eyes up to see Bones causing them to become wide open. “You!” Nitro said in shock. “Yes my name is Bones.” He respond to Nitro. “Why were you trying to kidnap Matrix? What was it in for you!?” “It was the bounty for her data.” Nitro said tilting his head down in shame. “The reward on Matrix is pretty high...I first fond her in a lab sleeping and was about to take Matrix till I see her awake. It startled me when seeing Matrix break through the glass of her capsule, before I could capture her the maverick hunters appear. I place a tracking device and ran off planning if I ever encounter Matrix again I would up duct her and find some way to just copy the data without harming then set her free.”

“Is that the reason why you pushed Matrix from those falling metal shards?” Bones asked “At first…I try to approach peacefully to Matrix in hope I could reason, but she ended up pointing her weapon at me…that’s when I notice someone standing nearby one of the building fans there was something wrong about him. This reploid sicken me the way he smiled down at Matrix…I don’t why he was a reflection of my dark self, but snapped of it when I see him slash through the fan and before I knew it a part of me said save her.” Nitro respond to Bones.

“Can you describe to what the reploid looked like?” Bones asked out of curiosity. “His armor is pure black with a weird symbol one the left side…skin very pale white with purple markings down his face.” Nitro said. “So it was Shujikoe I should have known.” Nitro and Bones turn to see X walk in. “I heard the whole conversation between you two. Most mavericks would have let a reploid get killed and collect what item just for his or her reward money, Nitro you seem to still have a conches and know you are aware of your actions.”

Nitro turns his eyes away from X with a look of regret. “Nitro why…why did you destroy and kill so many people and reploids a like?” X said in a growl yet sad tone of voice. “I…I was force to my creator threating my own life.” Nitro respond in a depress tone of voice. “If I didn’t follow his orders he would have killed me, so that is why what I did and I regret it to this day.” Both X and Bones were shock to hear Nitro story. “Why didn’t you come to us for help Nitro? This could have all been prevent.” X inform. “I was too afraid! If my creator fond out that I reported him I would have lost my head!” Nitro respond upset. “Please let me redeem myself by becoming a maverick hunter…I want make up for all the destruction and deaths I committed!” Hearing Nitro plea, X close his eyes for a moment thinking of the documents of Nitro creator he looked up, before talking to him then open his eyes to Nitro. “I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t promise you anything Nitro.” X respond before turning away to leave the room. Nitro had a surprised look to his face as X left.

In the main room of Maverick Hunter HQ, Signas sits quietly with an uneasy feeling. Aila while looking up on some data notice his expression. “Something wrong?” she asked. “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that something isn’t right.” Signas respond. Douglas in the mechanics room is repairing a weapon. “I wish some of these reploids wasn’t so rough on them.” He grumble to himself. A sound of footsteps are heard getting close to Douglas and turns to see a reploid in black armor and an insane smile, Douglas didn’t like how this reploid is smiling at him, but trys to interact with him. “Err…May I help you?” “Oh I’m just visiting for a while and wanting to see a friend.” Respond Shujikoe sarcastically. Douglas feeling discomfort walks back away, Shujikoe raises his hand. “Not a good idea to walk away from me.” He said as his hand form into claws and points them to Douglas as he stood fear not knowing what to do. “You’re not worth my time. I got better things to do.” Shujikoe said in a dull tone and turn away to vanish in the shadows.
Back in the main room, X just enter and was about to talk about Nitro becoming a hunter until an emergency message pops up on Aila’s screen and taps on a button to see Douglas pale white face and sweat dripping from his face. “Douglas you look like you seen a ghost! What happen to you?!” Aila asked worried. “A black armor pale face reploid was wanted to kill me!” Douglas responded in a shaky tone of voice, X’s eyes open in shock and fear. “SHOUJIKOE!” X shouted so loudly. “He is after Matrix again. Send out a warning right away!” Before the message had a chance to be send out another emergency message appeared. When Aila tap on button multiple screen pop up in a static till it become clear showing a pale face holding down a reploid as other lay on the ground. “How did he!?” Aila said looking shocked. Running into the main office is Axl, Zero, Matrix and Mi-ohki hearing X’s screaming. “Shujikoe! is here isn’ he!” Axl paniced “Matrix…come plaaay with me I grow board of your friends.” Shujikoe said when slowly crushing one of the reploids head as he try to cry for help. “If you don’t I’ll keep tormenting them.” The screen image of Shujikoe fades out as his smile grew, Mi-ohki’s fur stood up while she bare her teeth hissing a growling at screen.

Zero pulls out his saber in rage “I can’t stand for this! Shujikoe needs to be stopped before he kills any more reploids!” “I agree Zero…” X said holding up his buster “I’ve been wanting to get back at the maverick scum!” Axl said pulling out his guns. “We have no choice but to fight him!” Matrix said in anger as Mi-ohki lets out a meow agreeing with Matrix. “Mi-ohki you have to stay with Aila and Signas I don’t want you to get hurt.” Mi-ohki trys to argue with Matrix, but gets picked up by Aila. “Please make it back in one piece everyone.” She said in worry.

Quickly dashing to Shujikoe location a pile of reploid bodies are under his feet while holding a head. “Shujikoe!”Zero said in pure hate “This time we’re ready for you!” Axl said pointing his guns. “And this time we’ll destroy you maverick!” X said determined while pointing his buster. “Well then…lets me see how prepared you are hunters!” Shujikoe said in a crazy laughter while dropping the head to form his right hand into spear, Matrix stand tall ready to fight the insane reploid, Shujikoe strike forward towards them making them to scatter from one another, but Zero made sure to stand by Matrix just in case if Shujikoe plans to attack her fist. Shujikoe stands in front of Zero as he holds his saber tighly “Why do insist in protecting her? You are only asking for a death wish.” Shujikoe said taunting Zero before his strike.

Peaking around at a distance from the fight is Nitro watching. “Yeah that’s the one alright.” He said to himself. “Shouldn’t you be resting?” Nitro to see Bones behind him. “Don’t scare me like that!” Nitro said in an anger yet whisper tone of voice before turning back, Bones walks up to get a glimpse of the fight. “Is that black armor reploid Shujikoe? The one who is causing all the trouble? Bones asked to Nitro. “That’s the same reploid that put me in the ER!” Nitro answered in a low tone of anger watching Zero slash back at Shujikoe strike. “I see that you did prepare for me.” Shujikoe said taken a leap back to dodge Zero’s attack “Hehehe…but it won’t help you!” Shujikoe holds up his left hand to extend into a claw to give an upper slash, Zero carefully watch Shujikoe moves to dodge by dashing to the side then slashes Shujikoe in return. A bright light from Zero saber, Shujikoe got deeply cut.

Shujikoe covers his face with his left hand giving out a painful scream and takes a couple steps back becoming silent for a moment then starts to chuckles. “Got you fooled didn’t I!” Shujikoe shouts when putting his hand down to show his gash on his face as it bleed with black blood while laughing insanity, Axl takes a three steps back in shock as X’s eyes open wide in fear from Shujikoe’s laughter. “Shujikoe is truly insane…he gets his face cut and he acts like it is nothing!” Matrix thought to herself, Zero gets freaked by Shujikoe face till he heard Matrix gasp in fear. “Oh you hurt me.” Shujikoe sarcastically said. Bones didn’t likes the look of the fight, Nitro put his left hand to his back barning his teeth at Shujikoe. Zero wanted to attack, but stayed aware if he strike too quickly he end up dead, Axl and X stand firm waiting for the right moment to move. Shujikoe stood still with a cold smile at Zero. “What’s the matter hunter? Are you afraid that I’ll beat you again?” Zero dash at Shujikoe to give another slash, Shujikoe leap high into the air to Matrix with his claws are flying to her head.

Matrix is about to form her saber to strike Shujikoe until a flash of light from a grenade blinded her and everyone else close by, Bones dashes in and quickly take Matrix away from the insane reploid, X is the first to get his site back to see Bones carrying Matrix away and Nitro running towards Shujikoe. “Hey Shujikoe! Remember me!” Shujikoe eye site return to see a reploid in damaged green armor. “I’m back for some revenge!” Nitro said in rage, Shujikoe becomes angered at Nitro. “Are you insane!? Don’t fight him!” X said in a panic. “Nitro no!” Matrix Shout, Nitro smirks at Shujikoe while he ignores X and Matrix warning. Shujikoe bares his teeth at Nitro. “This was a private matter, but since you and your insisted getting involve then be my quest!” Shujikoed shouted when dashing to Nitro to give a slash to the face. Nitro barely dodge by ducking while he pulled the pin to one of his grenades and throws at Shujikoe, Nitro sees Shujikoe turn before the grenade explodes right in the face. When the smoke after the blast lift up a little, Shujikoe is not there, Nitro eyes widen in shock feeling something isn’t right. “Nitro behind you!” Axl shouts in panic, Nitro turn around to see Shujikoe with a smile and claws him in the lower chest, Nitro gives out a painful scream before falling to the ground.

Matrix trys to run for Nitro, but is held her back by Bones, Shujikoe raises his arm to finish Nitro off. The first to react to stop Shujikoe is Axl by shooting him, Shujikoe takes the blows from Axl’s bullets and turns to the red hair reploid. Axl held out his gun to the insane reploid as Shujikoe slowly walking up to him, Axl trys to back away while he kept shooting, X sees Axl in danger and the damage Shujikoe has taken, X start to charge his buster to full power and aims it. “SHUIJKOE!” X shouts in a strong tone voice to get his attention. When Shujikoe turn, X shoots a powerful blast hitting Shujikoe in the chest knocking him down. Everyone stood still waiting to see if Shujikoe would get back on his feet, X put his buster down after waiting five minutes making everyone calm down and take a breath. Soon as Bones let go of Matrix she runs up to Nitro to check to see if is still alive. “How is he?” Zero asked when he walked up to Matrix with Axl behind. “Nitro is still breathing, but he took some serious damage…” Matrix looking at Zero, Bones and X followed behind to have a look at Nitro. “Better take back to the back to the recovery center.” X said with Bones agreeing with a nod.
Matrix smiles for a moment till she turn to look at Shujikoe, but notice his body is not there and quickly turns to see him behind X about to stab. “X look out!” Matrix shouts, before anyone react, Matrix moved X out of Shujikoe attack while forming a saber of pure energy to slash at his arm, Shujikoe barley dodge Matrix attack with the tips of his fingers shinned by Matrix’s saber. “You gain some courage since we last we met Matrix…you were such a scared little girl.” Shujikoe said gripping his hand. “Either way that won’t help you now I will get you data one way or another.” “In your dream Shujikoe I will never let you get your hands on my data! You’ll have to take it over my dead body!” Matrix respond. A silence come over Shujikoe for a few minutes his face started to form a smile with a cold hysterical laugh that filled the air. “Oh that can be arrange Matrix!” he said still laugh.

“You’ll have to get through me if you want Matrix!” Bones said being at Matrix side, Shujikoe eyes picked up on Bones appearance such as his armor and wonder if he should get a hold of Bones data just to please his master, Dr. Clay to study after he is done playing with Matrix data. “Me as well!” X said pointing his buster to Shujikoe. Nitro moans in pain, Zero picks up on Nitro sound and picks him up to give to Axl. “Take Nitro back to the recovery room.” “But!” Axl respond. “No buts Axl! We can handle it from here! Now go!” Zero demanded, Axl sighed and took Nitro and run back to HQ. Zero turns to Shujikoe with a glare. “You mess with my friends! You will have to deal with me!”
“My my, such bravery.” Shujikoe said. “I’m tired of hearing your voice Shujikoe! It sickens me!” X said in rage. “So many kills…so little time.” Shujikoe respond then leaps in the air to strike, Bones sees that Shujikoe is close to him and without a thought one of Bones arm sword pops out to strike Shujikoe in midair onto the chest, X notice Shujikoe’s body is finally wearing down. “Everyone this is our chance, Shujikoe can’t hold any longer! This could be our only chance!” X shouted, Zero rushes in to give Shujikoe some slashes while X gives a few shots. The pale face reploid take a few steps back from the damage, Matrix saber vanish and changes to the O-Zone buster made by Washu. “Everyone stand away I’m about to fire!” Matrix shouted while charging up her buster. When hearing Matrix warning, X, Zero and Bones leaped away when her buster aimed at Shujikoe.

As Matrix fired a bright blast of light, Shujikoe turn and his eyes become wide when the blast hit him leaving a deep gash about 8 to 15 inches long through HQ, Bones, X and Zero eyes were wide open looking at Matrix. “Is that the buster Washu gave you!?” X asked “Yes…it is.” Matrix said respond nervously. “Hey where’s Shujikoe!? Where is his body!?” Zero asked in a panic. “Shoot he got away!” Respond X. “Yeah, but how well did Shujikoe dodge?” Bones asked “Even so, Shujikoe got some heavy damage before he escaped.” Matrix answered when turning to the guys. “Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him.” Said X “There’s no point standing here we better head back to the main office.” Zero respond while he walks, X, Zero, Matrix and Bones follow behind.

Somewhere In the Black of Outer Space
Shujikoe body is scorched and look he is about to fall apart with his face tilted down barley kerning to his master, Shujikoe could only look up at his angered master. “SHUJIKOE YOU FAILED ME AGAIN!?” Dr. Clay shouted in pure hate, Shujikoe’s body start to feel a sharp pain throughout his body. “Give me a good reason why I should spare you!” Clay growled “I discovered there is an alien reploid…he is with Matrix!” Shujikoe respond screaming in pain, Dr. Clay looked intrigued to Shujikoe discovery. “Alien reploid you say? Do explain.” He said stopping Shujikoe punishment, Shujikoe feel to his knees with his body streaming. “His…his body armor look like red like bones growing…I thought I could get his data after I collected Matrix.” “Interesting…very interesting Shujikoe, so with this information I will let you live for now. Get yourself repaired I will summon you if you are needed.” Dr. Clay said turning his back to Shujikoe.

Back at Maverick Hunter Headquarters
In the main room “Shujikoe is truly a monster.” Signas said looking down. “He makes Sigma more of a saint.” Aila said, Matrix had a depress look on her face, Zero notice Matrix exception and places his hand over her should to give some comfort. “How is Nitro condition?” X asked “Nitro will survive. Seems lady luck was on his side once again and will be staying in recovery for a long while” Aila answered “I am glad, Nitro is going to be alright.” Matrix said. “Yeah, Nitro got shredded pretty badly by Shujikoe.” Bones said. “We still don’t have any answers to Dr. Clay used to make Shujikoe with.” Zero said annoyed. “We need to contact Washu about Shujikoe attack… maybe she has the answer by now.” Axl said.

At the Masaki House Hold
Washu in her lad is typing on her computer till a screen pop up informing there is someone trying to contact her. With a touch on her keyboard a picture of Matrix and her friends appeared on Washu’s screen. “Everyone hello! How are all of you?” “Not so well Washu.” X respond. “Shujikoe attacked us again.” “Did the buster I gave you work on Shujikoe Matrix?” Washu asked. “Yes Washu the buster badly damage Shujikoe, but he was able to escape.” Matrix answered. “Washu please tell us you find what Dr. Clay used to make Shujikoe.” X said. “Sadly I haven’t…if I had a sample of Shujikoe data it would be easier for me to figure out.” Washu respond. “Wait! You’re in luck Washu! We just obtain some of Shujikoe’s blood after the battle. I can send it to you right away!” Aila said when typing on her keyboard. “Thank you Aila you save me some trouble.” Washu said.
“Excuse me Miss Washu why is Dr. Clay so determined to obtain Matrix data by using Shujikoe?” Bones asked, Washu’s eyes turn to the reploid and notice his appearance seem different from the others. “Clay is a bitter old man that has been a very jealous of me and put the blame on me for getting kicked out of an academy many years ago. To this day Clay will do anything just to prove he is a better scientist, Clay even gone to mess with one of my creations just to try to kill me.” Washu explained. “Would explain why Clay made Shujikoe…just to be a show off to how Shujikoe is better made compare to Matrix is.” Axl said with annoyed on his face. “Then why is Dr. Clay after my DNA data Washu. I know I am not like other reploids, but what makes it so special that Clay wants to get his hands on it?” Matrix asked upset.

Washu sees the distress on Matrix face. “You already know you share some abilities with your sister Ryoko, Clay though if he could copy Ryoko he could copy you Matrix. So I put a code lock on your data to prevent anyone even Clay couldn’t decode it.” “But that doesn’t explain why Dr. Clay is after Matrix data!” Zero said. “Besides using some of Ryoko’s data I used other forms of data that was never put in a reploid body before, Clay wants to know what it is so he can use it for who knows what.” Washu replied to Zero. “Matrix you will be the only one to understand your other abilities once you are mature enough you will know.” “So how can we help Matrix?” Axl asked. “What you are doing right now supporting her.” Washu quickly answered. “Where there any deaths caused by Shujikoe?” “Yes about 100 deaths caused by Shujikoe.” Signas said. “Most of them were class B hunters killed by Shujikoe.” Said Aila.

Washu tilted her head out of respect for the loss of the reploids that were killed by the hands of Shujikoe. “Thank you for the information and the sample of Shujikoe data you may not see him for a long while knowing how Clay is upset with his creation…and when I find out what Clay used to make Shujiko I will be able to make something that can rid of him once and for all.” Washu pushes her face close to the screen with a big smile. “Till then I want you boys take care of my little Matrix alright.” Washu said in a cute tone of voice as her eyes turn to Zero before the screen turns off. “Ohhh Washu! Why do you have to embarrass me like that!?” Matrix said while covering her face up while Mi-ohki mews in agreement as Zero turns to Matrix in shock, X shows an embarrassing smile while Axl glares at Zero. Singas and Aila where left speechless while Bones give a blank stare at the screen.

Back at Washu’s Lab
Washu laughs at Matrix blushing before she disconnects from Maverick Hunters HQ and wipes her tears of joy away, Washu puts in the blood sample to her computer and presses a button so her computer can decode to a DNA match on the Galaxy Police Criminal Data Base. “I wonder what kind of DNA did Octo Puss Head used to make Shujikoe and how far did he have to get it?” Washu asked herself.
End of Chapter
MegaManX/Tenchi Muyo Chapter 11
I do admit it is not easy writing moments of battle for this story of mine!  
Mega Man X is a copyright of Capcom
Tenchi Muyo! is a copyright of Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi
Characters given for the crossover
Nitro is a copyright to :iconever-so-nitro:
Bones is a copyright of Jose G Orozco


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I finaly got off my bum and made a new icon for my DA...been way WAY over due!
I also made an Tumblr account! If you like to see sneak previews of my projects or like to see my rough sketches please check it out and follow me!
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