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Mix Berries in Watercolor by SilentJ1
Mix Berries in Watercolor
Being Summer the though of blue, rass, black and strawberries come to mind
Good news everyone I just my chager in the mail today now I am able to summit art work again!
There will be a copyright that is going to hurt us watch this video to understand better and please share this through out DeviantArt ASAP!…
My charger for tablet snapped at the plug and have to wait for a new one in the mail and may take a few days, so if you guys can bare with me
Chapter 8: Mysterious Reploid Bones
At Maverick Hunters Headquarters
 Matrix just got done explaining to everyone what has happened to her while being at the Masaki household, and what she learned about Shujikoe. "So Shujikoe was made by someone jealous of Washu by the name of Dr. Clay?" Axl asked. "What makes it scary is that Dr. Clay use some DNA data from a criminal alien that Washu is trying to figure out." Matrix said. "Alien DNA? That does explain a few things about Shujikoe." Aila said. "Yeah, but it leaves even more questions about Shujikoe." Zero said gripping his fist.
X couldn't help but to shake his head no, "One of the question is how are we going to defeat Shujikoe?" X asked. "Once Washu finds out what Dr. Clay used to created Shujikoe, she will make a weapon to help us to rid of him. Till then I can use the weapons that Washu gave me to keep him back." Matrix answered. "It is nice of Washu to look out for us." Signas said. "Aila put out a Maverick look out for Shujikoe, if anyone comes into contact with him do not engage in battle, instead report right away, then escape to safety!"

Somewhere outside Giga City
Three scientists are walking up to a UFO ship wreck to see if there is any alien bodies to be found whether dead, or alive. The ship itself looks like it is made out of organic bone like matter but, before any of the scientists could obtain even a sample the UFO ship, the mysterious ship cracked and breaks down into small pieces and fall into the water. One of the scientists pointed to show the others the discovery of an alien body, and decides to take it to New Able City for further studying. 

Back at Maverick Hunter Headquarters
With a help of a fake ID, Nitro sneaks in Maverick Hunter HQ and quickly moves before anyone can have a look at his face. Walking carefully till no one is around outside of the building, Nitro kneels down and pulls out a sphere neutron bomb to set up. "Excuse me, but what are you doing here, and what are you holding?" Nitro quickly turns to see who is speaking to him with a glare, then to shock, Matrix with Mi-ohki is looking right him with curiosity. "I thought she was on the missing reploid list... Better abort the mission, and make something up." Nitro thought to himself, when standing up, while holding the bomb, then putting it back in his bag. "I-I was called in to defused this bomb... Privately, so there would be no panic, now if you excuse me miss, I will be on my way to rid of this bomb!" Nitro said dashing off. Matrix blinks from confusion as she watches Nitro dash off while bumping into a few reploids.

Axl notices the running reploid when walking up to Matrix from behind, "What just happened with you and that guy?" "The best way I can explain is this guy said he defused a bomb, and ran off as if he seen a ghost." Matrix responds, Axl shakes his head in disbelief, "If headquarters had a bomb an alarm would have gone off." Axl said, "Anyway I know you just got back...I was just wondering if you would like to hang out in town and maybe check out a few stores?" "Sure I would like to hang out with you for awhile Axl, plus I want to check out a few places in the city." Matrix responded.

In an unknown Lab at New Able City
The unconscious reploid alien slowly awakes in a dark room, with three scientist that are looking down at him with their glasses reflecting off what little light that was in the room. When trying to set up the alien reploid, he noticed he is strapped down tightly to a bed, barley able to move, causing him to panic a bit. "This is truly a great discovery! An alien that has similarly to reploids on our planet." One of the scientists said. "Yes but his appearance is very unique... Yellow armor that looks as if red bones are growing through it... Lighter shade of yellow hair, red eyes, pale skin with red circular markings on his cheeks. "Yes, he could be an alien reploid." said the second scientist. "Well for now let us call him Bones... We should collect some samples off of him for data. We could use it later to make new types of reploids." said the third. The other two agreed, and started to pull out their tools, Bones panic increases in vigor and started shake the bed, trying to escape, that causes his blades to appear, and cut through the straps. All three scientists fall to the ground, giving Bones a chance to get up and dash out of the lab.

At another block of New Able City
Axl and Matrix with Mi-ohki on her shoulder, just starting to check out one of the stores in the distance, Nitro notice both, and quickly hides in a corner, "I wonder if the bounty is still good on Matrix... Well, there is only way to find out." Nitro said to himself while getting out a couple of things, and waits for Matrix and Axl to exit the store. The first to walk out of the store is Axl, Nitro decide to wait for Matrix to come out, while holding a smoke bomb, ready to strike. When Matrix takes about five steps out, Nitro throws his smoke bomb, causing confusion, giving Nitro the chance to abduct her, making Mi-ohki fall off Matrix shoulder.

As the smoke clears, Axl notices Matrix wasn't at his side, Mi-ohki got back and dust herself off. "Oh no Matrix! Where did she go!?" Axl said a panic, Mi-ohki jumped to her feet, mewing wildly to get Axls attention. "Do you know what happened to Matrix? Can you lead me to her... I don't want to get in trouble." Mi-ohki dashes off where Matrix was taken by Nitro, with Axl following behind. Stopping to turn, Nitro thought he got far enough away from Axl and decides to walk from here. When turning back to keep on walking, he bumps into someone, before Nitro could say anything he notices the appearance of the reploid he bumped into.

Bones looks down at Nitro. "What do you plan to do with that girl?" Before Nitro could answer, he hears someone calling out from behind, and pulls out one of his bombs, and he turns around. Just as Nitro turns to throw the bomb, Mi-ohki leaps onto his face, causing Bones to catch Matrix as she falls. After Mi-ohki leaps off his face, Bones catches Matrix as she falls and places her on the ground, while Nitro fights off Mi-ohki. When Nitro got close enough to Matrix, Mi-ohki leaps off his face, to allow Matrix to punch him in the chest, forcing him to slide onto the ground, and is forced to retreat by dashing off. "Come back here Maverick!" Axl yells, then turns to Matrix, "Are you alright Matrix?" "Yes, I am alright. This person helped me... What is your name?" Matrix asked the yellow armored reploid. "I am... Bones." he answered "Do you mind coming back to head quarters to answer a few questions Bones?" Axl asked. "I guess." Bones said uncomfortably.

Back at Maverick Hunters Headquarters
Through the of help of Matrix and Bones, Aila is able to identify the reploid who tried to take off with Matrix. "The name of this reploid is Nitro, a wanted maverick for destruction of contraction that caused multiple deaths to both humans, and reploids alike." "That would explain the bomb, Nitro was planning to set off that bomb, not defuse it!" Matrix thought to herself. "The question is, why Nitro is after Matrix for the same bounty that Dynamo fell for?" X pondered "Must be." Signas answered. "We better have a look out for this maverick then, since he is after Matrix." "My question is, what is the story behind you Bones? You don't seem like an average reploid by your appearance... Where are you from?" Zero asked with his arms crossed. "That's the thing... I have no memory to where I came from, or even how I got here. I don't know what I am even capable of... I don't even know my real name." Bones answered looking back at Zero. "Oh dear we seem to have a new reploid with memory loss." Alia said. "What should we do with this one?" Signas asked.

Matrix understands what Bones is going through, and stepped up to Signas, "I'll take Bones in sir... He is going through the same situation I once have been. I could help him recover his lost memories... It may take time, but give it a chance please!" Matrix asks in a plea. "Hmmm... Very well Matrix, but you are responsible for Bones, do you understand?" Signas asks in a serious tone of voice, looking down at Matrix. "Thank you Signas!" Matrix responds with joy, Bones blinks in confusion, to what just happened as X, Zero and Axl are shocked at Signas. "It seems things are getting more interesting at Maverick Hunters Headquarters." Alia said with a nervous smile.
End of Chapter
Mega Man X/ Tenchi Muyo Chapter 8
Mega Man X is a copyright of Capcom
Tenchi Muyo! is a copyright of Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi
Characters given for the crossover
Nitro is a copyright of :iconever-so-nitro:
Bones is a copyright of Jose G Orozco


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My charger for tablet snapped at the plug and have to wait for a new one in the mail and may take a few days, so if you guys can bare with me

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