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SketchBookX Shyna Silhouette Mirage by SilentJ1
SketchBookX Shyna Silhouette Mirage
Artwork drawn and color on my phone plus I recommend SketchBookX for any artist
shyna from Silhouette Mirage is a copyright of Treasure
Tarosuke in Manga Shading by SilentJ1
Tarosuke in Manga Shading
I kinda Tarosuke base size in a mix from Youkai Douchuuki/NamcoXCapcom plus try to do a bit of a grey scale Manga loom for him.

Tarosuke from Youkai Douchuuki/NamcoXCapcom is a copyright of Namco
Chapter Five: Shujikoe
Slowly walking up towards the hunters is a Reploid with black and grey armor and a strange on the right side of his chest armor showing he is own by his creator. His skin was pale white like it was never been touch by any sunlight looking at Matrix with an evil smile, Zero notice how this unknown reploid is frighting Matrix "Who are you and what do you want?"

The paled face reploid ignored Zero's question to walk to Dynamo still on the ground "Feh! You thought you could handle Matrix? were curious and decide to play with her then bring her to me." he said with a disgust face looking down at Dynamo then kicked him in the stomach, Dynamo moans in low tone curling up tighter then passing out. X looked down at Dynamo feeling a little sorry for him, yet knowing he deserve for messing with Matrix. Axl gave the pale face reploid a glare while Mi-ohki is hissing at the black armor reploid.
"Hey! Did you hear me or are you deaf! What is your name!" demand Zero in anger tone of voice. The pale reploid small eyes that hold no soul and looked up to Zero with a dark smile "My name is Shujikoe." he respond "That symbol on his chest...I've seem it...why is it familiar...why?" Matrix thought to herself in fear "What do you want with Matrix, Shujikoe?" asked X "That is none of your none of your concern." Shujikoe said in bitter a tone "Now hand over the girl if you value your lives!"

All three hunters step up and pointed their weapons at Shujikoe "We would never hand over Matrix to a maverick scum like you!" Axl said in a anger tone. Shujikoe smile grew into insanity as his hands extend to claws "Than I will tare you to scarp metal! Come at me!" Zero was the first to take on Shujikoe offer and strike for him with his Z-Saber "Zero wait!" X shouted "Please don't!" Matrix shouted in a panic. Taking a leap, Zero used a spin slash at Shujikoe, but he is able to dodge Zero's saber with a slash through piercing Zero's chest armor causing him to screaming in pain.

Zero landed on the ground and try to get back on his feet having his chest armor badly damage, Shujikoe walk to Zero having his claws pointed to his head "Die!" Shujikoe yelled with his claws striking down "Zero hang on!" shouted X blasting some plasma shots at Shujikoe. From a distance, Shujikoe turns his eyes to see the plasma shots coming towards him.

With a quick adjustment to his wrist, Shujikoe sheared through the plasma shots like if it was made paper instead of slashing through Zero's head, X eyes narrowed in fright. Catching X off guard, Shujikoe teleport to X what seem to be a blink of an eye and grabbed him by the neck, X gave out a gag as Shujikoe crush his neck "Annoying reploid I should kill you first then finish off your friends!" Shujikoe said tightening his grip on X's neck "You're a monster Shujikoe!" X said in anger yet weak tone of voice.

Matrix run pass by and knock Axl to the side with Mi-ohki following behind her "Matrix no!" Axl yelled trying to get a hold of her arm "STOOOP!" Matrix strongly shout while throwing a punch along with Mi-ohki leaps in mid air, Shujikoe threw X at Mi-ohki knocking both to the ground then quickly pin Matrix down by stabbing her on the right shoulder causing Matrix to scream in pain.
X slowly sat up and set his eyes on Mi-ohki laying on her side knocked, X put his first two fingers on Mi-ohki head to pet feeling bad for getting her hurt then heard the scream and turn to see Matrix stabbed by Shujikoe, X's eyes open in shock "MATRIX!" Axl scream in fright and started to shoot wildly at Shujikoe in rage to save Matrix from the insane reploid. Shujikoe took a few bullets to the shoulder, but used his free hand to shield the rest of Axl bullets; before Axl could give another round of bullets, Shujikoe threw his arm to launch a shadow claw at Axl to damage while being knock down with both guns falling out of his hands.

"Heh! Fools thought you can easily defeat me?" Shujikoe said before feeling a sharp pain and turn to see Zero had stab his saber through the left side of Shujkoe's back. Giving an elbow to Zero's chest while in mid air, Shujikoe turn to slash Zero's face to his chest armor, Zero scream in pain while flying back to the ground, Shujikoe know Zero had taken heavy damage and smirked in his pain, but it was short lived.
X was on his knee charging up his buster, Shujikoe lift his claw that Matrix was pin to causing her to scream in more pain and to make X suffer before dashing to him and grabbed onto the buster. As Shujikoe crushed X's buster causing an explosion between X and Shujikoe, X fell back taking damage from his buster while Shujikoe took a few steps back with fragments of X's buster in his armor. Axl sat up to witness X's buster exploded on Shujikoe then notice one his guns and quickly dash to it. Shujikoe heard movement and turns to the right to notice Axl grabbing his gun.

"This is for my friends!" Axl shouted in rage when pulling the trigger. The bullets hit Shujikoe on the left shoulder causing heavy damage, Shujikoe was fed up with Axl and send a shadow like spike in return for the bullet at the same shoulder. Axl slid back down blacking out, Shujikoe walked up to the red hair reploid with his claws held up ready to strike down and tare him piece by piece until movement was heard from behind.

Matrix got up with a glare at the pale skin reploid with an unknown power coming out of her body "Don't you kill any of my friends!" she said when a plasma sword forms into her right hand "So you do have some fight in you...come at me the Matrix!" Shujikoe said in insane tone of voice. With a raise of her arm, Matrix dashes after Shujikoe at the same pace. With a flash and a blink of an eye both Matrix and Shujikoe had passed each other, Shujikoe left arm fell to the ground to what look like black blood goop with wires twitching. When turning to Matrix, Shujikoe seen her pink bowtie ribbing on her chest armor got cut up and her helmet spilt in two.

Matrix turn to Shujikoe with her saber pointed to him, Shujikoe body no longer could take any more damage and had to accept bitter defeat "You got lucky this time Matrix...I will retreat for now, but when we meet again I will kill everyone one of your friends before I shred you then collect your DNA data." Shujikoe said in a bitter tone of voice while backing away to vanish into the shadows, Matrix saber fizzed out of her hand due to the damage on her body and fell to the ground. The only one to witness the battle is X "Matrix...please get up...Matrix." X said before passing out.

End of Chapter
MegaMan X/Tenchi Muyo! Capter 5
Mega Man X is a copyright of Capcom
Tenchi Muyo! is a copyright of Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi
Chapter Four: Dynamo VS. Matrix
From a beam of light being Matrix with Mi-ohki teleport from Maverick HQ to the old crash site of the Eurasia, Matrix quickly scan her surroundings and notice the earth is covered in dunes,  craters, boulders, holes and some old flowers for the fallen victims wilted and crumbling away "Man this land has been mangled!" Matrix thought to herself, Mi-ohki gave out a loud mew with a low growl causing Matrix to turn to see Dynamo walking up to her in a calm manner "Hello Matrix it is nice to finally meet you." he said with a smile.
Matrix didn't know what to think of Dynamo because of his mellow nature, Dynamo turn his head to look at one of the craters "You know it was fun crashing the Eurasia onto the earth." he said with the same smile causing Matrix to express trauma and horrified in her face.

At Maverick Headquarters
X, Zero and Axl just discovered Signas allowed Matrix to become a Maverick Hunter and to battle Dynamo. X became in a panic knowing what dirty deeds Dynamo have up his sleeves "Alia can you pick on Matrix on the screen?" Zero asked "I'll see what I can do Zero" Alia respond typing on the keyboard. The screen picked up what little image of Matrix and Dynamo, but some static got in the way to see what is going on "We need to go after Matrix before it is to late! Who knows what Dynamo has planned!" demand X "Now hold it X." Signas respond "I may sound crazy, but let's give Matrix a chance to fight Dynamo." X didn't like the idea and turn to the screen in worry.

Back at the Eurasia Crash Site
Dynamo walked a few more step closer to Matrix making Mi-ohki stand her ground with fur cackle up while a low hissing growl as her fangs bare at him "Well...I almost crash the Eurasia into earth if it wasn't for those hunters, but at least the maverick virus spread through out the world." Dynamo said with a sigh of disappointment while he kept smiling "You monstrosity maverick! How could you do such a thing!?" Matrix shouted at Dynamo in rage with a disguised look on her face.

"Oh come on Matrix don't be that way don't be so serious as those hunters." Dynamo said having his hands up "I was only following orders by this guy name Sigma, but anyway...I was hired to by someone else to bring you in for a big reward. What got my attention about you is I heard you seem to hold some mystery that this person who hired me want to know, yet you look like a run of the mill Reploid to me. I am curious...I want to fight with you before I turn you in and claim my pay." "Alright Dynamo I'll fight you." respond Matrix in a growl.
Dynamo smirk when pulling out a double saber then points it to Matrix "Where is your weapon?" he asked, Matrix hold her hands and grips them into fists "You are going to fight me with those powder puff hands of yours? Cashing you in is going to be easier than I thought." Dynamo said

Making the first move, Dynamo strike at Matrix with a dash, before the plasma blade could touch an inch of Matrix. She jump to the side with Mi-ohki dash by her side to dodge, Dynamo turn to slash Matrix on the right shoulder cutting off some unknown device that she didn't even notice."Come on doll face can't you fight back?" Dynamo said, Matrix became in rage and goes after him.
From a blink of an eye, Matrix vanish from Dynamo site to leave him in confusing. In a blur image, Matrix appear right in front of Dynamo's face "Surprise!" Matrix shouted when her right fist  hit on Dynamo's upper jaw. As Dynamo step back, Matrix punch him right in the stomach, Dynamo fell to his knees then plop to the side and curled up like a ball "You're no ordinary Reploid!" Dynamo moaned.

As Matrix put her fist down three beams if light appear with X, Zero and Axl rushing out to her "Matrix!" shouted X. When all three hunters got close to Matrix they notice Dynamo in the ground with his hands on his stomach, Zero walk up to look down on Dynamo "So tell me Dynamo what dose it feel to be beating by a girl?" Dynamo could only give out a stronger moan feeling his pride and ego lowered by Zero. "Matrix what did you do to him?" Axl asked "It is your unlucky day Dynamo you got some questions that got to be answered." X said when reaching down to grab Dynamo.

Within the air a chuckle is starting to echo around the hunters. Each one looked around to see where to source of the laughter was coming from. In the distance a shadow like figure started to walk up towards them.

End of Chapter.
Mega Man X/Tenchi Muyo! Chapter 4
I apologize to anyone who is a big fan of Dynamo from Mega Man X5/6 after reading this crossover fanfic! I always thought of him as the comic relief and thought it wasn't right of Cap com just make just vanish after X6.

Mega Man X is a copyright of Capcom
Tenchi Muyo! is a copyright of Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi


Jessie Renfro
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I'll start with the sad new first I decide to shut down the Mega Man Fan site soon. The poor website hasn't been updated for ages and live have got in the way for so long it is not even funny! So I plan to bring the Mega Man X/Tenchi Muyo crossover story here to Deviant Art and keep working on the story. I will put up the first two chapters soon while fixing the others. I am still asking for commissions too. It would help me out on getting a new computer since I am still using my tablet to get on DA.

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